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Thank you for your interest in ROAMING. This product is man-made in limited runs and WILL BE 3-5 WEEKS in PRODUCTION. Orders will be filled in first come, first serve order.


Like many magic effects/products, part of this effect/product uses borrowed items from an audience. Those items may be expensive and irreplaceable, therefore the purchaser/user does so at their own risk. The creator of the product and/or The Art of Sean Scott is not responsible for any damage that might arise from the use of this product. Please carefully watch the Roaming Tutorial for details on using this product. Refunds are not possible, due to securing materials and labor to produce each item. By clicking on the "add to cart" area you agree to the terms of this disclaimer.











$ 149.95

+ online video tutorial

Please note: Shipping is basic economy shipping from USA. Contact me via contact below for faster shipping options.


Shipping has been discounted when multiple items ordered. Magic clubs should combine orders.


International Orders may require you to pay your country's custom fees.

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