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$ 149.95

+ online video tutorial




ROAMING by Sean Scott - Floating cell phone

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” - Arthur C. Clarke



floating phone + online video tutorial

$ 149.95

"This is one of the most deceptive and elegant levitations I have ever seen."  - Bizzaro
"It’s the most magical levitation that I’ve seen in a long time."
- Jimmy Fingers
"Sean Scott is the creator I want to be. He takes visual effects and gives them devious methods. Roaming is one of those tricks. The first time I saw it I thought the phone was a fish floating through the air like it was a pond!"
- Justin Flom

"Hell yes!" - Chris Kenner

ROAMING - Floating Cell Phone by Sean Scott


Roaming has been kept as an underground secret, seen only on Fremont Street in Las Vegas. Sean Scott has been using this effect on the street to stop crowds in one of the most challenging environments anywhere. This effect was purposely created to intrigue and disarm audiences who have sometimes seen everything.


Spectators observe you plug your headphones into your phone. You let go of the phone leaving it suspended in the space in front of you, attached only to the cord. It is pulled through space as it rotates, dives, ascends and stops on a dime in almost any direction.

You then make the phone float through a hoop made from the headphone cord looking as if some new phenomenal technology is allowing the phone to defy gravity.

Next, you unplug the headphones from the phone. It then flies from the right to the left hand with no cords attached or visible means of support.


You then pocket your phone and BORROW a spectator’s phone. You then proceed to plug your headphones into their phone for safety, as to prevent it from hitting the ground if something were to go wrong. The phone then floats up about 6 inches from your hand! You attempt pulling the phone down a few inches, but it intuitively floats back to it's position. Your open hand takes the phone out of the air, unplugs and returns the phone to the spectator.


- YES, you can use your headphones! Wear & use them normally!
- YES, you may float a BORROWED phone or small tablet in the routine!
- YES, you may float the phone in the routine with or without wearing headphones. This means the headphones are used for most of the effect, but do not necessarily have to be worn!
- YES, the phone can float and rotate in almost any direction!

- YES, a complete streaming online video tutorial is available for step by step instruction!



- Roaming includes a special phone and gimmick that makes everything you see in the video possible and more!

- Streaming online video tutorial walks thru every step in learning Roaming!






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